Waste Gas Fabricating Company provides the finest high quality steel fabrication services.


Precision Metal Cutting

Waste Gas Fabricating Company Precision Metal Cutting Services

Along with the most up-to date-equipment and clean, efficient facilities, Waste Gas Fabricating Co. provides precision metal cutting services, with laser, plasma, flame, machining, shearing and sawing departments for ready for full-service steel fabrication.

Laser Department

WGF laser services use the Bystronic 6525 state-of-the-art laser. The Bystronic provides superior accuracy and has a table bed measuring 98" wide and 256" in length. It can handle all types of metals from light gauge through 3/4" plate. Additionally, WGF uses the Bystronic BySprint Pro 3015 system, which boasts some of the shortest cutting times per part in the industry. When easier loading and unloading and greater accessibility are needed, the Bystonic SyStar 4020 provides superior performance, able to process even thick materials with ease and efficiency.

Plasma/Flame Department

Waste Gas Fabricating Co.’s Plasma and Flame Department can handle all types of metal, from light gauge to 8" thick plate. Table beds measures 20' by 80'.


Whether your machining requirements involve basic punching and drilling or complex machining and forming processes, Waste Gas Fabricating Company provides a full range of high-tech quality machining services for precision machining and forming.


Our shearing equipment allows us to mechanically or hydraulically cut materials in plate thicknesses up to 3/8" and in widths up to 12', and our saw units can cut small pieces or large sections up to 24" in diameter. We can saw cut single piece lots or truck load quantities along with multiple indexing up to lengths of 60'.

Waste Gas Fabricating Company is a high-quality, custom steel fabrication shop, providing the finest in precision heavy stainless and structural steel metal plate machining, cutting, forming, processing, and fabrication in the Greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region. We can make formed channels, rolled cylinders, and complex machined assemblies. We serve a diverse range of industries and manufacturers, including: shipbuilding and ship repair, aerial lift platforms, bridge fabrication, pressure vessels, and many more—anywhere high performance and dependable quality is vitally important.

Our precision metal cutting equipment and precision fabrication services provide the most advanced and cost-effective processes in the area. We are a certified custom metal fabrication shop and are proud to have served the Mid-Atlantic Region and beyond for almost forty years.

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