Waste Gas Fabricating Company in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania is a leader in alloy steel fabrication.


Alloy and Stainless Steel

Waste Gas Fabricating Company Alloy and Stainless Steel Fabrication

Waste Gas Fabricating Co., located in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, is a leader in steel fabrication. We provide high-quality stainless, carbon, and alloy steel plate machining, cutting, forming, processing, and fabrication in the Greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region. With a winning combination of our pristine facility, state-of-the-art equipment, highly trained staff, an extensive inventory of just-in-time high grade metals, and our own fleet of delivery vehicles, we are proud to offer the finest stainless and carbon steel processing and metal alloy fabrication available. Our expertise in precision steel processing covers the entire spectrum of industrial manufacturing. Whether you need heavy plate fabrication, precision machining and forming, or any other form of custom steel fabrication, WGF can meet the challenge.

Steel is the workhorse of industrial custom fabrication, and it requires an intimate knowledge of the different properties of stainless steel and steel alloys to do precision processing. In addition to the finest equipment and craftsmanship, it is important to know what grades of steel alloy are best for a particular manufacturing process, and, consequently, what type of metal is appropriate for any industrial application. Some grades of steel are designed for high temperature or harsh chemical environments, and others are designed to emphasize corrosion resistance. Each of these also has different properties in manufacture. Some are designed for welding and ease of workability while others need to be handled through advanced methods like plasma and laser cutting.

Steel stock also comes in different forms. Stainless steel sheet and tubing are available for processing, and all grades of alloy plate can be used to create high-quality fabricated steel products. Alloy and stainless steel plate are processed by experienced steel fabricators using a wide variety of steel grades for different applications.

Our precision machine shop can handle any type of metal, and can create almost any type of custom steel fabrication or metal alloy fabrication for all industrial requirements. WGF serves the entire Mid-Atlantic region, including Ohio, Delaware, New Jersey, and New York, as well as our local area in southeastern Pennsylvania, and we would be proud to serve you. WGF can also serve customers worldwide. To learn more about what we can do for you, please contact us today for all of your alloy, carbon, and stainless steel fabrication needs.

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