Waste Gas Fabricating Co. has the latest CNC mills to meet your steel fabrication needs.



Waste Gas Fabricating Co. CNC Mills for Milling

Computer Numerical Control Milling, or CNC milling, is another important machining process Waste Gas Fabricating performs on a  daily basis. Both vertical milling and horizontal milling machines are used to create precise components for a wide array of industries. Our ISO-certified facility specializes in challenging projects, and our advanced lineup of equipment is matched by our expert staff and our extensive just-in-time inventory of high quality metals, from all grades of stainless steel and aluminum, to ASTM-certified carbon steel. Combined with our advanced packaging equipment and our dedicated fleet of company delivery trucks, Waste Gas Fabricating is the leading choice in the Philadelphia area for precision steel processing.

Waste Gas Fabricating Company's CNC milling capability is second to none. Whether you need horizontal milling for heavy pieces or vertical milling for die sinking or detailed work, we are ready to take your sketches or your detailed CAD drawings and transform them into fabricated steel products of the highest quality and greatest precision available, all at a price that is competitive in any market, both local and international.

Waste Gas Fabricating has been in business for over 35 years, and we are proud to offer full service steel fabrication to the entire Mid-Atlantic region, with clients in New Jersey, New York, and Delaware. Our experience with industrial manufacturing includes waste gas furnace reconstruction, steel components for bridges and heavy construction, and precision steel processing for an impressive array of different applications. Allow us to work with you to create CNC milling that will exceed your expectations. Browse through our extensive selection of equipment and services and discover what Waste Gas Fabricating Co. can do for you and your company today.  Give us a call at: 215-736-9240.

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