Waste Gas Fabricating Company of Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania offers a variety of structural steel fabrication solutions.


Fabrication Services Overview

Waste Gas Fabricating Company Full Service Steel Fabrication

Waste Gas Fabricating Co. of Philadelphia, PA offers a variety of steel fabrication solutions. Our collection of tools and equipment can deliver the highest standard of quality for any demanding job. Whether you need precision metal cutting, metal forming, machining, or welding, we take a sketch or detailed computer data and transform ideas into components, with the right dimensions and material specifications. Our versatile, highly trained staff can approach any challenge with the right tool and the right material. Browse through our list of advanced equipment and associated services we have been proud to provide to industries throughout the world.

Precision Metal Cutting >

If you need to make parts with traditional shearing, notching, and sawing, Waste Gas has the tools to meet your needs. We are also equipped with laser cutting, plasma punch, and plasma cutting capabilities for the highest precision available. CNC-controlled cutting technology has revolutionized the industry and raised the bar for dimensional accuracy.

Metal Forming >

Waste Gas is a steel fabrication company that has bending and rolling services. We utilize our metal forming press brakes, which are used in a wide range of applications for many different types of metal fabrication. Our vast knowledge of a variety of materials allows us to approach every bending and rolling job with confidence.

Machining >

Waste Gas Fabricating Co. offers a full range of metal machining services, including:

  • Sawing
  • Turning
  • Beveling
  • Milling
  • Grinding and honing
  • Wire EDM cutting
  • Tapping
  • Horizontal Machining
  • Vertical Machining

Welding >

Welding fabrication requires considerable skill and knowledge of different types of metal and their individual characteristics due to their different levels of resistance and workability. Waste Gas has experience with stainless steel and aluminum welding for all types of exacting projects.

Packing and Delivery >

In addition to our premier list of custom metal fabrication services, Waste Gas Fabrication Co. is also capable of shipping fabricated steel products to any location on any schedule. Our advanced automated packing systems guarantee that our products are properly packed under the safest conditions. Our fleet of company trucks take them from our immaculate facility in Fairless Hills, PA to New York, New Jersey, Ohio, and anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic region. Clients throughout the world are finding out that Waste Gas Fabricating Co. provides some of the most reasonable rates for some of the most advanced manufacturing services offered anywhere. Request more information on our online form or give us a call: 215-736-9240.

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