Waste Gas Fabricating Company is a metal finishing company with advanced equipment for grinding metal.


Material Finishing Department

Waste Gas Fabricating Company: A Metal Finishing Company

Waste Gas Fabricating Co. performs metal finishing with advanced equipment for grinding metal, blasting, and painting. We maintain the highest standards for full-service steel fabrication in the Mid-Atlantic region, serving Ohio, Delaware, New Jersey, and New York, Pennsylvania, and beyond. Our suite of grinding metal finishers and finishing facilities include:

1. The Steel Master Butfering Slag Sander and Sanding Machine can process and clean plate edges at a high production rate, offering deburred and sanded components with precision and performance.

2. The Conquest 20" Disc Grinder and Sander features a direct drive, 1740 rpm, three phase, 60 cycle motor. The rack mechanism for tilting the work table to precise angles, and a 15" working table, helps to minimize production time.

3. The AZTech Model# EB56 Industrial Maid Back Draft Filter Wall, which measures 78" x 240", ensures that our facility remains the safest possible environment with its powerful air filtration system. This system is designed specifically to remove welding smoke and grinding dust. First passing through a spark baffle for arrestance, the air then passes though a plenum chamber and air filters to eliminate heavy particles prior to recirculation.

4. Empire Blast Room is 144" wide x 120" high x 300" long. This equipment allows for steel shot blasting and other special finishing methods.

5. DeVilbis Paint Booth 192" wide x 168" high x 432" deep with Bananza Air Management System. Our paint booth provides the most advanced working environment for safe, efficient, industrial metal painting.

6. Yellow Jacket Stretch Wrapper. WGF is a full service steel fabrication shop. At the end of a production cycle, our stretch wrapper can bundle goods efficiently with minimum manual labor and send it off to its destination faster.

Waste Gas Fabricating Co. is the leader for high-quality steel sheet and plate fabrication in the Greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region. We are committed to offering certified custom metal fabrication by using the best equipment with the most experienced personnel. Our ample just-in-time inventory ensures the correct material for each situation, and our company fleet of trucks makes sure deliveries are on time, every time, even for rush orders. Whatever your fabrication requirement, WGF is here to take it from start to finish.

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