Waste Gas Fabricating Company offers advanced industrial steel painting services for precision steel fabrication needs.


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Waste Gas Fabricating Company Industrial Steel Painting

Waste Gas Fabricating Co. offers industrial painting services for your steel fabrication needs. We offer a winning combination of a clean facility, advanced equipment, professional staff, and an impressive knowledge of paints and substrates. This allows us to provide the best industrial steel painting for high quality precision carbon, stainless and structural steel machining, cutting, forming, processing, and fabrication in the Greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region. A detailed knowledge of various types of paint and different application methods is critical, as well as staying current with the latest techniques makes us your first choice for any industrial metal painting project.

As a precision steel fabrication shop, Waste Gas Fabricating Company is also pleased to offer one of the market’s most advanced facilities for industrial metal painting. Industrial metal painting often offers the critical final touch for finishing precision steel fabrication, and it is essential to know what types of paint are most suited for a particular metal substrate. For example, paints behave differently with carbon steel versus aluminum. These finishes can also significantly affect the performance of components in industrial applications. Some paints are needed for detailed workmanship; others emphasize coverage and performance. All need to be durable and reliable.

Application methods for industrial metal painting have also advanced considerably over the years. Controlled spray systems using advanced techniques allow safer, cleaner working environments with superior coverage, precision, and overall finish. At WGF, this is just one facet of our full service steel fabrication services.

We know prompt delivery is as important as high quality products, so Waste Gas Fabricating Co. is proud to maintain its own fleet of delivery vehicles. In addition to Pennsylvania, WGF also serves the mid-Atlantic region, including Ohio, Delaware, New Jersey, and New York, and can even provide its services to customers throughout the world. We are ready to deliver on time, every time. If your project requires an industrial paint application, WGF will make sure it has the perfect finish.

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