Metal Fabrication Shop Equipment


Laser Cutting

Sheet Metal Laser CuttingOur laser cutting systems are some of the industry’s most flexible and effective methods for precision metal cutting. Waste Gas Fabricating’s laser cutting systems include:

  • Bystronic ByStar 4020 10K Watt Fiber with ByTrans Extended Automation / 80” x 160
  • Bystronic ByStar 8025 10K Watt Fiber with Beam Shaper Technology / 100” x 315
  • Bystronic BySprint Pro 3015 4.4K / 4400 kw 60” x 120”

The Bystronic Bystar system features a clear and accessible view of the work area, allowing quick and easy loading and unloading on the working area and the shuttle table. Its high-powered laser processes thick plate efficiently and easily.

These advanced metal cutting tools allow for precision laser cutting of the thickest carbon, stainless, and alloy steel sheet and plate at the tightest industry tolerances. Waste Gas Fabricating carries an extensive inventory of sheet and heavy plate in stock, including abrasion-resistant and high-tensile materials. Special stock orders are also available for custom projects using specified material requirements.



Plasma Cutting Tables

Plasma cutting technology is one of the many machine operations performed with CNC (computer numerical control) precision. After the metal plate is placed on the machine bed, computer numerical control can precisely locate areas for precision plasma cutting with punch capability. The size and shape of the precision punch can be customized to meet any requirement.

Our plasma cutting systems include:

  • Kinetic K5200 XMC Combination Plasma, Milling & Drilling Center
  • Messer TMC-4518 with (1) Hypertherm HPR400 and (8) Alfa Oxyfuel cutting torches
  • Messer MPC2018 with (2) Hypertherm HPR260 Plasma Torches and (2) Alfa Oxyfuel cutting torches
  • Whitney 3400-XP / 60” x 120” with HP2000 Plasma and GE-Fanuc Control

Our equipment fabricates materials into a finished piece with marks, plasma cuts, bevels, drilling/tapping and punches all performed in one integrated CNC-controlled operation, minimizing operator interference and switching out tools automatically. Multiple pieces can be manufactured out of a single plate, from light gauge steel to plate as thick as 2 inches. Plasma cutting with punch technology allows even the most complex machine pieces to be manufactured at a rate of speed and a level of precision previously unimaginable. Waste Gas Fabricating maintains the finest equipment available and is prepared to work with any material at any grade required.



Water Jet Cutting

Water Jet CuttingWe are proud to offer water jet cutting. Water jets provide capabilities and versatility not found in other metal cutting technologies. Our Flow Mach 500 10’ x 26’ table with a five axis cutting head offers several benefits:

  • Superior edge quality – ideal for edge beveling
  • Precise internal cutting tolerances – perfect for intricate parts
  • Low heat cutting – ideal for heat sensitive applications

Our water jet can cut all types of metals, plastics, even wood, marble, granite or glass.


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CNC Machining

We offer a variety of vertical and horizontal machining and milling services for your steel fabrication needs. Our spotless, ISO-certified facility offers high quality precision carbon, allow, stainless, and aluminum machining, cutting, processing and fabrication.

Our versatile lineup of machining centers includes large dimension platforms with multi-axis cutting heads. Our experienced machinists offer a wide range of capabilities including beveling, chamfering, drilling, grinding, boring, deburring, turning and threading.

Waste Gas Fabricating also offers precision EDM wire cutting, lathe turning, sharpening, tapping and related services.

See our Facilities List for detailed descriptions of our over twenty machining centers and lathes.





Metal Forming

Custom Metal FabricationBending metal with precision requires an intimate knowledge of the metal’s specific properties: its ductility, alloy composition, and its performance when formed.

Advanced industrial processes allow us to bend metal in large and small quantities, using different techniques for a wide variety of applications. Sheet metal can be bent using automated CNC-controlled machinery, and a number of different bending operations can be performed in one operation, ensuring component accuracy and efficiency along with low-cost production.

See our Facilities List for descriptions of our ten press brakes.






Quality Welding FabricationWaste Gas Fabricating has the experienced ASTM-certified welders and equipment to perform a full range of welding services. From traditional stick welding to Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding to Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding. Our welders have the expertise to perform high crafted and precise work with every welding process and the experience to know which application is best for each project.

MIG welding’s versatility and ease of use makes it a popular choice for many different industrial applications. TIG welding allows our skilled welders to work in a lower temperature environment to create more delicate welds at a slower rate. TIG is a challenging and refined technique, requiring patience, experience and tremendous skill.

Waste Gas Fabricating’s robotic welding cells offer an efficient solution for high volume repetitive parts under the supervision of and inspection by experienced welders.



Waste Gas Fabricating is a full-service precision rolling and forming shop. Our large scale rolling equipment has the capacity and capability to form large radius tank or arch applications. We have the most impressive collection of equipment in the area and the expertise to deliver precision forming unsurpassed in the industry. Our plate rolling equipment is a vital part of our pristine ISO-certified facility.

See our Facilities List for more details on our rolling and forming equipment.


Sawing and Shearing

Waste Gas Fabricating boasts a wide range of sawing and plate shearing and notching equipment. Our equipment has the throughput to handle high volume precision cutting jobs. We have the experience and equipment versatility to meet the needs of your project.

See our Facilities List for more details on our sawing and shearing capabilities.



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Quality Control

Quality Control CenterWaste Gas Fabricating maintains compliance with ISO, ASTM, OSHA and other regulatory requirements. Our Quality Control department ensures our metal fabrication work meets the highest standards for quality and precision. High safety standards are part of our everyday practice and equally important as our quality standards. The Waste Gas Fabricating QC team inspects our work to ensure it meets our customers standards and expectations along with protecting our more than 45-year legacy of providing quality products and services.

Our QC team employs the latest in precision instrument technology including FARO arms and 2D planar scanning.