Waste Gas Fabricating Company is a carbon steel fabricator that has advanced press brake systems.


Press Brake Department

Waste Gas Fabricating Company Metal-Forming Press Brakes

At Waste Gas Fabricating Co. we, in addition to several other services in high-quality steel fabrication, offer quality metal forming, bending, and rolling services. Our highly qualified personnel use top-tier brands such as Accurpress, Cincinnati, and Baykal, MG, Roundo and Davi to provide precision metal forming that is among the best in the industry. Whether the project calls for metal plate rolling, the bending of steel, stainless steel forming, or light gauge steel fabrication, Waste Gas Fabricating Co. has the metal-forming press brakes needed to get the job done.

Part of our complete list of industry-leading metal-forming press brakes includes machines such as:

  • Trumpf TruBend 7036 Electric Press Brake 40 ton x 40”
    • Our Trumpf TruBend 7036 features a press force of 40 tons, bending length of 40 inches, and a bending line laser to ensure the right angle. Our Trumpf TruBend will allow us to increase our small parts production by 20% by providing faster turnaround times for on-time deliveries.
  • Trumpf TruBend 8400 Hydraulic Press Brake 440 ton x 159” with Delem 3D Multi-Touch CNC Controller and (5) Axis Back Gauge
    • The Trumpf TruBend 8400 is our newest addition to our forming department. It provides high precision and versatility, a generous open height, a press force of 440 tons, and 159” bending length. Our Trumpf TruBend features the Delem 3D Multi-Touch CNC Controller, (5) Axis Back Gauge, and the Laser Controlled Bending angle measuring system. This ensures you get exactly the right angle from the very first part.
  • Accurpress Accell 150 ton x 12' Press Brake with (8) Axis CNC Controlled Back Gauges
    • Accupress Accell also includes advanced features such as Material Variance Sensing and revolutionary Vision Software, making precision sheet metal forming jobs exact to any specifications.
  • Cincinnati CBII 230 ton x 12' Press Brake with CNC Controller and Heavy Duty Back Gauge
  • Cincinnati CB350 ton x 14' Press Brake with CNC Controller and Heavy Duty Back Gauge
  • Baykal APHS 770 ton x 23'3" Press Brake with Delem 66w CNC Controller and Heavy Duty (5) Axis Back Gauge
    • Baykal press brake systems possess: sturdy, welded mono-block steel frames to maintain minimum deflection under load, a down-stroking bending beam composed of high-quality forged steel that is precisely honed, and complete electronic synchronization with proportionate valve technology to ensure exact bend accuracy and job repeatability via ongoing monitoring and correction of beam parallelism.

The metal plate rolling equipment we use comes with advanced features such as CNC precision capabilities to ensure all metal forming jobs are completed within exact specifications. Our lean manufacturing practices and just-in-time inventory also allow us to complete all bending and metal plate rolling processes with optimal efficiency, providing our clients with superior product value for their dollar.

Waste Gas Fabricating Co. also maintains a clean and well-organized facility to ensure that all fabrication jobs are completed with ease under optimum conditions. With the combination of superior ISO-certified carbon and alloy steel sheet and plate fabrication services, a dedicated team of professional machinists, superior metal-forming press brakes, a large just-in-time inventory, and our own fleet of delivery trucks, Waste Gas Fabricating Co. has everything it takes to deliver the best metal fabricated products for your bottom line.

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