Waste Gas Fabricating Company is a carbon, alloy, and stainless steel fabricator that offers plasma and flame cutting services.


Plasma/Flame Department

Waste Gas Fabricating Company Plasma and Flame Cutting Systems

High-quality plasma and flame cutting are among the many carbon, alloy, and stainless steel fabrication services offered by Waste Gas Fabricating Co. Our experienced team proudly uses top-tier plasma and flame cutting systems such as Whitney and Messer for all flame and plasma cutting needs. The advanced capabilities of these first-class pieces of equipment allow us to produce precision flame- and plasma-cut products with efficiency. No steel fabrication job is too complex. We can hold the tightest of tolerance in our industry. Waste Gas Fabricating manufactures metal fabricated products with quality that surpasses expectations at prices that please.

Our ISO-certified manufacturing processes carry over into the maintenance of our state-of-the-art facility, quality inventory, and best-in-class equipment. Organization and cleanliness is a priority for us. Precision flame and plasma cutting is carried out under optimum conditions, making the steel parts we fabricate of the highest caliber.

Among our diligently-maintained line of flame and plasma cutting systems are such state-of-the-art machines such as:

  • Whitney 3400-XP / 60" x 120" with HP2000 Plasma and GE-Fanuc Control
    • Also comes with: Hypertherm Truecut HT-2000 precision plasma torch, combined with a 40-ton punch with 9-station tool changer
    • A Part handler II load/unload system is combined with a complete scrap removal system
  • Messer TMC-4518 with (1) Hypertherm HD HPR-4000 Plasma Torches with beveling capabilities and (8) Alpha Oxy-fuel cutting torches
  • All this based on a 18" X 88" downdraft cutting table

These advanced systems are rigorously maintained and expertly operated to deliver the best plasma, flame and bevel cuts possible. The end results are superior shapes and components unsurpassed by other steel fabrication companies.

Because of our lean manufacturing processes and just-in-time inventory strategies, flame-and plasma-cut products are created with optimum value and efficiency. We adopt best practices in our precision flame, plasma, and oxy-fuel cutting services to address all the concerns of our customers, and it is this attention to detail that has made us into the ISO-certified, high-quality steel fabrication company we are today. Our plasma and flame cutting services come at a value that is unmatched in the steel fabrication industry, all while being conveniently located in the Greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region.

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