Waste Gas Fabricating Company has the highest quality precision steel fabrication equipment to meet any client demand.


Precision Steel Fabrication Equipment

Precision Steel Fabrication Equipment Overview

Modern machining incorporates CAD documentation with CNC, or computer numerical control, serving to automate the most challenging machining tasks. Waste Gas Fabrication maintains an impressive suite of precision steel fabrication equipment to create components for a wide range of applications. Some of the processes include laser cutting, plasma cutting, plasma punch, metal machining, press brake, rolling, sawing, plate shearing, notching, material finishing, and material handling. From the selection of the material, to the final processing and packaging for delivery, WGF is prepared to do it all, and our dedicated fleet of delivery vehicles ensures swift and safe delivery to the job site.

A brief review of our precision steel fabrication equipment and associated services:
For laser cutting, the Bystronic ByLas 6525 4k/4000 kw 98" x 252" provides superior precision and handles metal thicknesses from light gauge to ¾" plate. The Bystronic BySprint Pro 3015 4.4K/4400 kxw 60" x 120" system has one of the industry’s fastest cutting speeds per part, and is robust enough for cutting a wide range of metal thicknesses with no sacrifice in quality. The Bystronic ByStar 4020 6K/6000 kw 72" x 156" system uses a high-powered laser to process thick plate efficiently and easily.

All plasma flame/plasma punching is performed by our Whitney 3400-XP / 60" x 120" with HP2000 Plasma and GE-Fanuc Control, which is equipped with a Hypertherm Truecut HT-2000 precision plasma torch, combined with a 40-ton punch with a 9-station rail tool changer and a complete scrap removal and handling system. The Messer TMC-4518 with (1) Hypertherm HPR400 Plasma Torches uses beveling technology and (8) Alfa Oxy-fuel cutting torches, while the Messser MPC2018 employs (2) Hypertherm HPR260 Plasma Torches and (2) Alfa Oxy-fuel cutting torches.

Vertical metal machining is performed using the Johnford DMC 3100SH Double Column CNC Vertical Machining Center, and for horizontal machining, WGF uses a Mazak HORIZONTAL CENTER NEXUS (HCN) 6800-II. For Press Brake/ Rolling Services, Waste Gas employs CNC Programmed Press Brakes and Plate Rolls to fabricate a workpiece to the closest tolerances.

For most conventional sawing processes, WGF uses the HE&M H105LA-4 Automatic Horizontal Sawing Center, with the capability to carry out plate shearing and notching on plate lengths up to 12', with plate as thick as 3/8".

Material finishing services include deburring and grinding, shot blasting with dedicated facilities, and a paint room for priming and painting.

Finally, Waste Gas offers automated material handling for safe and effective delivery with stretch wrapping and crating.

Review WGF’s list of services and precision steel fabrication equipment and discuss your needs for your next project with an experienced professional.