Quality Welding and Fabrication Company

Waste Gas Fabricating Company offers high quality fabrication services, CNC Machining and welding for OEM manufacturers, Tier I providers, commercial businesses and industrial partners. We are more than just quality steel fabricators. We make every attempt to reach beyond your quality standards.

Waste Gas Fabricating Company maintains compliance with ISO 9001:2015, ASTM, OSHA, and other regulatory bodies that govern quality metal fabricating and precision machine shop operating procedures. High safety standards are part of everyday practice in our pristine facility located in Fairless Hills, PA. We have been serving the Mid-Atlantic region and broader areas with the most precise metal fabricated products since 1975.

Apart from safety, quality control in today’s market is all about precision. High quality steel fabrication requires mastery of all aspects of fabrication. Only strict attention to detail creates the precise steel processing necessary for modern manufacturing standards.

Precision Forming

Today’s forming equipment allows precise bending control. The bending process is CNC controlled for greater accuracy. Multiple bending operations with complex configurations can be made in one pass, and automation allows us to create identical parts easily and efficiently.

Precision Machining

Procedures like milling, turning, and tapping have also been enhanced by digitally controlled parameters for more precise relationships between components. Modern machining still requires great skill, and our staff at Waste Gas Fabricating Company are highly trained to perform the demanding tasks on all of our advanced equipment with the utmost precision. Whether working from a sketch or detailed CAD/CAM documents, we can manufacture it to fit your needs.

Precision Metal Cutting

Plasma, laser cutting and waterjet cutting are modern innovations to the conventional cutting tools normally used in a full-service steel fabrication shop. Adding more precision and power to the manufacturing industry offers more versatility and control than traditional methods, our plasma, laser & waterjet cutting services are another part of our cutting-edge service.

If you use Waste Gas Fabricating Co. as your go-to source for high quality steel fabricated products, you will have advanced equipment and skilled personnel helping you to make the most precise components from the best materials available. Our ability to deliver worldwide is possible because of our quality standards which is also followed by our packing and shipping services. Our automated packing equipment assures perfect packing every time, and our company trucks will deliver your order intact and ready to use. Browse through our list of services and see how we can help you with your next project.

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