Structural Steel & Heavy Plate Fabrication

We have been doing work for steel manufacturers, large material handling manufacturers, equipment & truck manufacturers, and industrial repair companies for many years. Our equipment list is loaded with plasma torches, large press brakes for heavy plate forming and heavy duty machining centers that structural steel fabricators require. Often, it does not make sense for them to buy specialized equipment. So, they partner with us to manufacture the heavy plate work. Industrial fabrication of machinery frames and bases are also common components we have built to spec.




By no means do we chase road and building construction projects. We are better suited to partner with structural steel companies on the metal parts they can’t do in house.


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Heavy Plate Fabrication

As we said, the main reason why we do structural fabrication today is because we have specialized equipment and certified welding capabilities in house. WGF started buying computerized Oxy Fuel Cutting equipment back when the technology was new. We needed that cutting power to do the truck and equipment parts we were making. We also have a 770 ton press brake and have always had heavy duty metal forming press brakes…they just kept getting bigger.

Our monster today is this Baykal APHS 770-ton x 23’3” Press Brake with a 66w CNC Controller and Heavy Duty (5) Axis Back Gauge.

She can handle metal plates over 20 feet long and up to 2 inches thick.

Heavy plate forming, rolling, cutting equipment and extra-large welding bays are key components of our heavy plate fabrication service.

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