Waterjet Cutting Services

We are a water jet cutting service that understands the complexities of cutting heavy carbon steel, and thick alloys. WGF is the proud owner of a FLOW WaterJet Mach 500. An amazing piece of equipment that jets through thick metal plates with ease. We have an extended cutting bed to accommodate extra-large metal plates.


Most water jet cutting machines in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties are used by countertop and glass experts. We are cutting and shaping metal plates and sheets of various grades and thicknesses.


Waterjet Machining with 5 Axis Versatility

Waterjet Machining with 5 Axis VersatilityBetween our fiber laser and waterjet cutting, we have been able to maximize our productivity when it comes to plate & sheet metal cutting. But with our waterjet services, we are now able to shape sheet and heavy plate as well. The Mach 500 cutting head technology has 5-axis motion that is capable of cutting compound angles with high accuracy all in one pass.




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