Wire EDM Machining Services

In addition to our state-of-the-art services for welding and traditional machining, Waste Gas Fabrication has kept up with all of the latest methods for modern fabrication and metal fabricated steel products. For demanding jobs that can’t be handled by traditional machining, Waste Gas Fabricating Co. has advanced EDM services. Wire EDM, or electrical discharge machining, is typically used for hard metals that are electrically conductive. EDM machining makes it possible to cut precise shapes out of almost any qualified alloy or exotic metal, and it is becoming increasingly popular for initial prototypes or custom machining for a small number of components.

Wire EDM works by creating an electrical discharge between the wire and the metal. This current allows a spool-fed wire to remove metal as it cuts through the piece on an X-Y work plane. Wire EDM machines can be programmed to make cuts using CAD/CAM technology to the highest level of precision required. The fine level of accuracy available through wire EDM has made it one of the most popular methods for a wide range of applications and components, including gears, machine parts, custom engravings, and components unattainable through other methods.

When you require the best metal fabricators with a precision EDM shop unmatched in sophistication, cleanliness, and price, it’s easy to put your trust in the hands of Waste Gas Fabricating Co. With our pristine ISO-certified facility located in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, our highly trained staff, our impressive stock of just-in-time inventory, our dedicated fleet of company trucks, and advanced shipping services, it’s clear to see why we have become one of the leading providers of EDM cutting and electrical discharge machining (EDM) in the Mid-Atlantic region. Waste Gas Fabricating Co. is also proud to serve the international market. We are ready to handle any project and deliver it safely every time, on time and on budget.


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