Custom Metal Fabrication

Waste Gas Fabricating Co. provides the finest plate & sheet metal fabrication in the Mid-Atlantic region. As industrial fabricators, our ISO-certified facility is maintained at the highest standards, and our dedicated fleet of company trucks ensures timely delivery, even for rush orders. A complete collection of fabrication equipment allows us to perform almost any advanced fabrication technique imaginable. Rolling and forming steel is just one of the many typical services our precision fabrication shop supplies every day. In addition to carbon steel materials, we offer stainless steel fabrication, structural steel products, heavier gauge aluminum sheet metals and most nickel alloys available today.


Metal Fabrication Shop with Serious Equipment

Any serious plate & sheet metal fabrication shop needs to have serious equipment. WGF thrives today because we have continued to invest in our people and the equipment they use. We truly operate on the cutting edge of laser, waterjet, metal forming and machining technology. Because we such a wide variety of plate fabrication, we needed bigger, faster, stronger, more productive ways of fabricating your metal parts.


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Today we have 10 Metal Forming Press Brakes, all with advanced CNC controllers.

Our Newest Additions

Our Cincinnati MX 12 350-ton 14 foot Press Brake
Two Cincinnati CI Maxform 135-ton 8 foot wide Press Brakes
One Cincinnati CI Autoform 230-ton 12 foot wide Press Brake

Two 10K Fiber Lasers were added in 2019
A FLOW WaterJet MACH 500 was added in 2021

A New Robotic Welding System was added in 2022



Heavy Plate Rolling Services

The heavy equipment industry and the tank fabrication services we provide rely on the metal rolling machines we have to get the job done right. We have 5 very different plate rolling machines that all have varying capabilities such as cone bending and heavy plate rolling. Our advanced equipment can be programmed to perform a number of different rolling and forming operations in one pass, allowing high volume production of precise, automated, and identical components at a lower cost.

Waste Gas Fabricating Co. is proud to offer other value added services, such as welding & assembly, steel shot blasting and painting, and delivery to help you optimized your supply chain. Let us help you control your costs today.


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